Trade Compliance

International Trade Compliance Assessment/Gap Analysis

Trade Compliance

Do you understand your current risk exposure under export controls and/or sanctions?

Unquantified or poorly understood risk is bad for business and may expose individuals to liability.

We provide support in this area by:

  • Assessment of existing compliance policies and procedures against organisational goals; are they fit for purpose to achieve business objectives and to meet Government requirements?
  • Development/implementation of practical and proportionate compliance policies and procedures to meet UK and/or US requirements within your business.
  • Pre-audit assessments in advance of government audits (including remote audits).
  • Programme/project specific assessments, for example entry to US market and protection of intellectual property from the possible impact of US export controls.

We can assess your goods and technical data against control lists and advise on the applicable controls, not just in the US and UK but in many countries around the world, to cater for rapidly expanding supply chains and the need to transfer goods and data.