Remote Services & Remote Live Training

Much of the work we undertake can be performed remotely, for example most
classification, consultancy or preparatory work.

Other aspects, while not so obviously suitable for remote delivery, can also be delivered
efficiently and cost effectively on a remote basis.

The advantages of remote delivery include reduced travel for all parties, less down time for
the client, where staff may otherwise need to gather at a single location, and the ability to
retain bespoke services for consultancy, training and audit.

Whatever your export control or sanctions requirement, under UK/EU or US controls, there
is likely to be a remote solution that can be agreed.

Remote Training
Perhaps the most significant obstacle to remote delivery of training is the ability of the
audience to maintain attention to remote forms of delivery, especially for long periods and
complex subject matter.

One solution is to deliver the training to the same level as in-house delivery by means of
several shorter segments, which need not be on a single day. Segmented delivery is also
popular with clients who have time differential requirements, possibly to meet shift
patterns or to train a global workforce.

In this way, the benefits of live training, including improved retention, live interaction and Q&A
on company specific topics or issues,  can largely be preserved while gaining the benefits
of remote delivery.

Training can be augmented by consultancy support, on an ad hoc or ongoing basis, to assist
in addressing issues arising from the training and/or broader compliance policy or
implementation issues.

Remote Audits
Remote audits are also proving popular with clients and can offer a high degree of
assurance without the need for on-site visits, assuming the activity is well planned and the
resources are in place at the on-site location(s) to deal with the audit activities.