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US/UK Export Control Training – Understanding the Nuances

Cost-Effective US/UK Export Control Training for Your Company

No two companies have identical needs. In order to be most effective, your compliance training should reflect this.  Whether your company requires assistance with the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), Export Administration Regulations (EAR), civil nuclear controls under 10 CFR 110 and/or 10 CFR 810 or with Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) sanctions we can assist in guiding you through the practicalities of how these apply to your company.

David has been involved in training development for many years and his experience includes specialist training courses used by the Royal Air Force, export control training courses developed in-house with major companies, in both CBT and face-to-face format, and training design and development with universities.

He regularly designs and delivers bespoke export controls training to client companies, large and small, as well as speaking at international export control seminars:

  • The training is more relevant to your specific needs.
  • The staff downtime and travel costs are minimised by holding the training on-site.
  • Staff can be encouraged to ask questions, which a company may not wish to be aired in a public forum.
  • All of the trainer’s answers relate to your business and not to generic cases.
  • Product and/or circumstance specific advice may be possible.
  • Training is available from the Boardroom to the shop floor.

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Remote Training

Perhaps the most significant obstacle to remote delivery of training is the ability of the
audience to maintain attention to remote forms of delivery, especially for long periods and
complex subject matter.

One solution is to deliver bespoke training to the same level as in-house delivery by means of
several shorter segments, which need not be on a single day. Segmented delivery is also
popular with clients who have time differential requirements, possibly to meet shift
patterns or to train a global workforce.

In this way, the benefits of live bespoke training, including improved retention, live interaction and Q&A on company specific topics or issues,  can largely be preserved while gaining the benefits of remote delivery.

Training can be augmented by consultancy support, on an ad hoc or ongoing basis, to assist
in addressing issues arising from the training and/or broader compliance policy or
implementation issues.

Importantly to companies in the current climate, the cost of such dedicated training compares favourably with the typical cost of having one employee attend a seminar.

Training can cover UK controls on military and para-military goods, UK and EU dual-use controls, as well as US export controls under ITAR and EAR, or civil nuclear controls administered by the Department of Energy or the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as well as sanctions.

If you are interested in discussing cost-effective export training tailored specifically to your needs, please contact us.