virtual Compliance

Virtual Compliance Manager (VCM)


The answer to compliance concerns for small to medium enterprises (SME)

Managing export controls without a Compliance Manager Cost-effective, professional support to your business

Companies of all sizes operate under the complex requirements of export controls, often including those imposed by the United States as well as by the UK and EU.

In most cases, larger enterprises will have full-time, dedicated compliance staff to ensure that they manage export controls effectively and remain within the legal requirements.

The burden on smaller businesses is just as great, perhaps greater in terms of proportionality, yet they often cannot justify the business costs of employing a compliance manager, despite the risks to both the company and to its officers as individuals.

The Virtual Compliance Manager service provides a cost-effective solution to this by offering:

  • Priority Rapid Response
  • One-to-one, professional advice by telephone and/or e-mail
  • An ongoing, effective relationship with your business to manage compliance issues, proactively reduce risk and improve customer response
  • Improved credibility as a supplier into export controlled industries – be seen as knowing how to manage this complex process, thereby reducing risk for your customer as well as for your own company
  • Reduction in business risk arising from unforeseen delays caused by export control errors
  • Reduction in risk of fines and/or other penalties arising from export control violations.

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